Johan Félisaz


Semiclassical Monte-Carlo simulation for 2D lattices

Github repository

An optimized Julia package to implement the semiclassical Monte-Carlo method for 2D lattices. The main goal of this package is to plot the dynamical structure factor of a system at a given temperature.

Luttinger-Tisza method for 2D lattices

Github repository

A collection of scripts to visualize the magnetic order of a given 2D lattice system, under the Luttinger Tisza approximation.

Monte-Carlo simulation of the 3D Heisenberg model

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A project for the course "Computer Simulation of Physical Systems" at EPFL.

It is a C++ program that uses the single-spin update Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (Monte-Carlo Markov Chains) to sample from the distribution of states of a (classical) spins system at a given temperature.

Backend for Vici (Lauzhack hackathon 2020)

Github repository

A Django based backend for our submission to the Lauzhack hackathon. The project was a platform to make contact between the customers and local producers and shops, highly impacted by the Covid crisis and the consequent lockdowns. It featured an iOS app, along with a map that would suggest stores nearby. This backend took care of registering new users (customers and shops), storing prices, description and pictures of items sold by the vendors, and the geospatial queries.